Don’t be legitimately sick or out of commission

Why is it that when I am sick and out of commission, I am made to feel like I need a more legitimate reason than the one I have?

As if a car accident, backended and then reimpacted three more times, is not reason enough, there was a concussion as well, which left me feeling absent-minded and out of it.

I set up my classes with intention, however.  Made sure I had a plan to cover lectures while I was gone.  So why is it, then, that the one person who has no business at all in a classroom. is chosen to override my decision as to how my classroom should be run?

Why is the white male faculty member who believes in reverse racism, who told his students in class that I don’t know what I’m talking about as it pertains to race, and doesn’t even understand the sociological theories, WHY is he substituting my class this morning?

My division chair was made aware of these slanderous statements, and his response was that there is such a thing as reverse racism because whenever he goes to play pickup basketball he always get picked last because he’s white…

The instructor in question has demonstrated a lack of clarity on the basic theories in our field by confused students, who make their way to my office for clarification.  He’s a pompous, arrogant used car salesman of a teacher… I made it clear that I wanted nothing to do with him…

Is this punishment because I’ve missed six days of work with a concussion?  This is infuriating.


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