Student Evaluations … le sigh

Student Evaluations ... le sigh

Students, most of them, appreciate the class and do what they can to demonstrate its value; however, there are that 1% who can’t resist being ridic … racism, misogyny, foolishness and mayhem ensue…


2 thoughts on “Student Evaluations … le sigh

    1. Sourgirlohio, your comment made me laugh! Thank you for being the very first person to read or reply to my blog post!

      Yes, I am a decent teacher — I consider myself a rather exemplary professor; however, at my institution, that does not seem to count for much. I go above and beyond for my students, offering them time, money, support, a listening ear, an active voice, letters of recommendation, academic advising … I even host a party at my home for the LGBT club on campus every Christmas… There’s not much more I could do to get to 100%, but I suppose that’s not a realistic goal, anyway! You would think anything over 90% would be great!

      I plan to write a post about acts of resistance to chronicle how I manage to keep my spirits up in the face of all this foolishness.

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