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Shop ‘Black’ this Black Friday

The Chicago Defender Getty Images

CHICAGO–Preparing for Black Friday is similar to preparing for a battle. Knowing the layout of the store in advance is key. The shopper must dress comfortably and be ready for any and everything. But why go through all of that when you can support independent Black business owners and still get similar items without the hassle and extremely long lines? Shopping ‘Black’ this year can save you time.

African Americans once supported Black-owned businesses because of racial segregation laws that kept them from buying from white business owners. Successful Black business districts like Chicago’s Black Wall Street and Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Greenwood community were very popular. Both communities once thrived.

Latrice Mosley-Smith, founder of Haute Fishnet Hosiery, said that Black people need to start shopping Black if they want to help improve their communities.

“We need to rotate our dollars back into our community,” she said. “It’s time…

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Do Blacks Really Commit the Most Crimes?


“What demographic commits the most crime?” asked my professor.

White people, I thought. I knew the answer, but I was hesitant to speak. I usually am in my political theory classes, choosing instead to absorb the discussion. I also assumed it was such a simple question that I wouldn’t need to answer it aloud because someone else would.

And soon after, a hand to my right rose.

“Blacks,” he said. And he sounded so sure.

I was almost sad for the kid, but you probably wouldn’t know it from how hard I was laughing at him. I didn’t mean to; it was how sure he was that tickled me.

Poor kid, I remember thinking because I understood that his answer was not from left field. It was a truth that he’d been taught, whether from the media, his upbringing, or any number of sources where minorities are painted as…

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