Do Blacks Really Commit the Most Crimes?


“What demographic commits the most crime?” asked my professor.

White people, I thought. I knew the answer, but I was hesitant to speak. I usually am in my political theory classes, choosing instead to absorb the discussion. I also assumed it was such a simple question that I wouldn’t need to answer it aloud because someone else would.

And soon after, a hand to my right rose.

“Blacks,” he said. And he sounded so sure.

I was almost sad for the kid, but you probably wouldn’t know it from how hard I was laughing at him. I didn’t mean to; it was how sure he was that tickled me.

Poor kid, I remember thinking because I understood that his answer was not from left field. It was a truth that he’d been taught, whether from the media, his upbringing, or any number of sources where minorities are painted as…

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