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White Atheists Want To Silence Phoenix Calida For This.

Leave Phoenix be!!!


This is the original post that they got her banned for. 

Woo Hoo!
You’re an atheist!

Congratulations. Nobody gives a fuck.
Atheism doesn’t automatically make you morally superior to anyone, so take a seat. Misogyny, racism, classism, and bigotry can (and do) exist in atheist circles. Stop patting yourselves on the back for being morally superior and more rational than religious people if you refuse to deconstruct oppressive systems religion put in place.

Stop regurgitating facts about religion. I fucking know about nazis, the crusades, slavery, the inquisition, the kkk, and the Westboro church. I also know about eugenics, racism among suffragettes, what certain NObel prize winners think of black people, how people manipulate Evo psych to promote misogyny and how causally rape threats get sent to women.

You wanna impress me? Call out bigotry in your own circles. Stop complaining about the immorality of plantation slavery if you won’t…

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